Steps to Find out Someone’s Bail Amount

Check the Website or Call the Courthouse

The county courthouse can provide information about the amount of the bail, as soon as you bestow information of the defendant. Whereas the county courthouse contact details can be easily conceived from government phonebook directory or online through a website. Whereas, the information that is requisite from you can include – Defendant’s name, address, date of birth, and probably a case or inmate number.

In case, an offender has multiple charges, you can take help of County`s Jail Inmate Search form in order to search out the amount requires for each bail bond. However, some of the websites used to maintain links to that inmate search on resources page, so that a person can easily to find the link to the inmate search page.

Contact a Nearby Bail Bondsman

All you need to do is to call a bail bondsman; a bail bondsman can be any person or representative who is rewarded for upholding the guarantee of a bail bond. Mainly, the bail bondsman is a representative who takes guarantee of releasing a prisoner from jail.

Ask a Lawyer

In case of necessity of legal counsel, the courts will hand over the responsibility to attorney who can exactly inform you what your bail amount is. For that also, information of a prisoner such as name and date of birth is required. Once the office staff or attorney comes across the case, the exact amount of the bail is disclosed

County Background Search Page

Another alternative of getting amount information about a prisoner, who has been taken to prison – is by means of the County background online search page. This web page will provide your required information regarding court cases just by adding the name and date of birth of the defendant.

The Bottom Line

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