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Vectrix Launches New Electric Scooter

Reborn Company Expands Lineup

Vectrix LLC, a Massachusetts, USA based company, has announced the launch of the VX-2, an "urban commuting" electric scooter.  The company press release states that the product is an electric equivalent to a 50cc gasoline powered scooter, with a range of between 60-90 km, and a top speed of 50km/h.  Specific details such as battery chemistry, were not revealed, but the company says that it benefits from the technology and experiences gained from the larger VX-1, launched in 2007.

Vectrix began operations in 2006 with the goal of bringing state-of-the-art electric vehicle (EV) technology into the powered two wheel sector.  After initial excitement and a reported sale of more than 700 units, the company began to experience difficulties, leading to a bankruptcy in 2008.  Emerging from the shut down with new management, and a new corporate structure, the new company is promoting itself as an early leader in the emerging EV space.

via Vectrix LLC

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