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Upcoming Motorcycle Shows - January 2011

New York - Verona - Rio de Janeiro - Toronto

Toronto - International Supershow

January  7 - 9

A regional dealer show, largely unsupported by motorcycle OEMs, the Supershow is large and popular with the mainstream public.  It is best known for shopping for north eastern North American motorcyclists during the middle of winter


Rio de Janeiro - Salão Bike Show 2011

January 13 -16

A regional dealer and exhibition show, largely focused on shopping, specialty motorcycle clubs, and some participating OEMs


New York - Progressive International Motorcycle Shows

January 21 - 23

A regional OEM and dealer show, part of the Progressive show circuit that feature in several US cities throughout the year. 


Verona - Motor Bike Expo

January 21 - 23

A regional Italian OEM and dealer show, formerly held in Padova.  This is Italy's second largest motorcycle show, and is best known as a debut venue for small, niche and custom European manufacturers.

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