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Motorcycle Market Watch Launched

Industry News & Trade Publication Launches at EICMA

Motorcycle Market Watch is proud to begin online operations, with news, market data and analysis of the international motorcycle industry.


The mission of MMW, is to provide global insight, news, and up to date analysis of the international motorcycle industry. Until now, trade news has been limited to national magazines, and government agencies, often with limited perspectives and in dozens of languages. It has never been possible for industry professionals to easily locate and update data, for all key markets, without resorting to either translating obscure regional publications or purchasing very expensive reports from private think tanks.

MMW is the first, all English international news and data outlet, with a global view, including all major markets. It is our goal to provide professionals with the information needed to compete in the integrated global marketplace of the 21st century. MMW is divided into three main categories: news, special reports, and editorial.

MMW news will feature all the latest Press Release information concerning new products and services, but more importantly, it will provide up to the minute market data, national sales figures, industrial and business development news. Finally, trades people will have access, at a single glance, to information not only about the products, but the OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers that are making news today.

MMW Special Reports are articles that present in-depth professional analysis of trends and markets that are evolving the industry and the way we do business. Each report will feature a hypothesis based on recent news or facts, and examine the causes and effects that have shaped these developments. Typically, these will include fact sheets, comparison charts, diagrams and other media tools to help communicate the data in an easy to understand format. Occasionally industry professionals from major OEMs will be asked to contribute opinions or analysis to underline alternative views on the same theme. Special reports will be made available in PowerPoint™ and PDF formats on request for industrial professional use.

MMW editorials are written by industry professionals with a sharp eye for context. Three editorial streams : Billboard, an examination of markets and marketing; Clinic, an examination of design and technology; and finally, Hell For Leather, our featured editorial. HFL is one of the most influential motorcycle news blogs in the world, with a large and far reaching readership. HFL will deliver sharp opinions of style, culture and design in the motorcycle universe. We are very proud to provide the best, international data, news and context about the motorcycle industry in the world.

We hope that MMW will be a valuable informational tool for all manner of industry professionals across the world.

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