Is Bail Money Refunded

Bail is the amount of money that is paid in order to get someone out of jail. The amount is set by a judge and paid to the bondsman. Sometimes the person who calls you to post bail is not someone that you trust. It could be a family member with a criminal record. Although you do not trust them, you still would not want them to stay in jail. So what would you do in this predicament to get them out and safeguard your interests as well? You can first consider the following factors:

The Court Date

If the court date is set to be in a few days, you can post the bail knowing that the person will not have time to escape or engage in any other criminal activities. If they make an attempt, you might have someone looking out for them to stop them. This will ensure that your bail money is not forfeited. In the same breath, you could opt not to post bail because the court case won’t take long. It is likely that the person will be in holding since there will be no need to transfer him or her to a prison.

The Holding Cell

If the person has been arrested in the state, then you can find out about the conditions in the holding cell. If the place is not full and the court date is in a few days, then you do not have to post bail. If, on the other hand, the holding cell is full and unhygienic, you can post bail. You need to consider the other person’s basic needs as well.

The Bail Amount

Whenever you have to post bail for someone, you need to part with some money. If the person who has been arrested directs you to some money they have so that you can pay the bail, you do not have to think about anything. However, if you have to use your own money, you must think about the amount and whether you will get it back. So, what are the two scenarios?

Getting the Money Refunded

You can have all your money back if the person shows up for every court date and adheres to every condition set out by the judge. If you had used a bail agent, you will get the collateral back. However, you cannot recoup the fee paid out to the bail agent for his or her services.

Losing the Money

This is another possibility. It occurs when the person skips out on their court date or even flees and goes out of town. In this case, you can ask for a special provision from the court, to get him/ her back within a set period of time. You can hire a bounty hunter to do this. If you manage to do this, then there is still a chance to recoup your money. If you do not, however, you will lose all the money that you posted as bail. You would lose the collateral that you put up if you used a bail agent as well.

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