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The Untold Truth

About Hell For Leather

Sun, September 26th, 2010

Hell For Leather is the featured editorial of MMW.  Founded by Wes Siler and Grant Ray only a few years ago, it has quickly grown to be one of the premiere sources for editorialized motorcycle news in the world.  As an online magazine in the motorcycle industry, it has no equal, delivering a daily dose of crisp writing, exceptional visuals and a stand alone attitude to reporting that is altogether rare in journalism.  MMW will feature a new, original Hell For Leather op-ed every month.  In thier own words, here is the Hell For Leather mission.

You’ve probably figured out by now that HFL isn’t an S&M fetish site, but that’s usually people’s first reaction when we tell them our publication is called Hell For Leather. No one seems to know exactly where the term came from. Some claim Rudyard Kipling coined it, some think it was cowboy speak for an unruly steer. To us it represents an approach to life, one where we push ahead through society’s mundane conventions and look ahead to where we want to be, not where we were. It means going fast; it means breaking rules; it means doing things people tell us we can’t. It means riding motorcycles.

Hell For Leather was founded for a singular purpose: to give you the motorcycle magazine you deserve. You deserve something more than formulaic bike reviews. You deserve something more than conventional wisdom. You deserve something more than marketing speak rehashed as editorial content. Hell For Leather is committed to bringing you exciting, original, creative stories about motorcycles.

Why do we call ourselves a magazine? That word describes any periodical that publishes a variety of content about a specific topic. Sure, it’s more commonly used for print, but we publish feature stories, news, adventures, interviews and even original videos and we do it daily with a lead time of minutes instead of months. Instead of simply consuming, you get to be a part of it too; conversations are content.

So that’s who we are. A publication with a funny name that’s made by people who like bikes for people who like bikes.

Wes Siler & Grant Ray