Bail Bonds Process for Drugs

Drug crimes are on rise and the laws are getting stricter day by day. There are items that are termed as drugs including marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine, or cocaine. This is felony and is liable for higher degrees of punishment and thus, the drug possessor might have to spend the life behind the bar till the trail continues.

Found with Drugs in Ohio? What Happens Next?

An individual is slapped with drug possession charges if he/she is found with drugs and is arrested for the same. From this point the situations gets worse and when the authorities start investigating the intent of the individual for holding the possession of drugs.

If you are held with drugs and the amount of drugs found with you high, you have a high chance of getting charges with not only possession but also possession of drugs for sale or even drug trafficking. These charges are enough to put you in the prison cell for years.  There are other charges that the authorities could put on you. The stakes are high as drug crime penalties are very serious.

Drug felonies and crimes are penalized according to the laws of different states of USA. Holding drugs in USA will not only damage your reputation and future but also make you face some of the frightening punishments. The laws and penalties related to drugs in Ohio are perhaps some of the most complicated ones. While other states classify drug related crimes in terms of substances and quantity of such substance, Michigan chooses to use a more complex route.

Even possession of quantity less than 100gms will get you a ticket and will get you charged with a minor misdemeanor. Here is a chart explaining what happens if you hold more.

Amount               Charge Penalty
100-200 grams 4th degree misdemeanor Up to 30 days in jail $250 in fines Up to 30 days in jail $250 in fines
200-1,000 grams 5th degree felony 6 months to 1 year in prison along with fines up to $2,500.
1,000- 5,000 grams 3rd degree felony 1-5 years in prison along with up to $10,000.
5,000- 20,000 grams 3rd degree felony 1-5 years in prison along with up to $10,000.
20,000 grams or more 2nd degree felony 2-8 years with fines up to $15,000.


The trail can go on for years. There are many cases where the defendant had already served years in prison cell before being announced as innocent or being charge. In some cases, the time which a convict had spent behind the bars was even more than the maximum penalty.

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