Bail Bonds FAQs

5 Important Facts You Need To Know About Bail Bonds

New to the bail process? Do your find bail process complex? No worries! We`ve got you covered. Some of the important things we`ve shared to get a better idea of – how bail bonds work?

It Might Not Exist In Your State

Do you know, there are various states that don’t include bail bondsmen? These States are – Maine, Oregon, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Illinois and Washington D.C.

Bail bonds are kind of freelance lending service that may or may not be cut down in certain areas. If else, you are the one who lives in a state that doesn’t agree to a bail bondsman, you might need to front the whole bail amount to get a person out of jail.

Paying Bail on Your Own Isn’t a Good Idea

Bail bondsmen play an important role in paying amount required to get someone out of jail. Because of the amount requisite in bailing out someone; is a long-term investment that may or may not be in your favor. For instance, a prisoner’s bail is set at $5,000. If you can afford to pay the funds, you can easily step inside the jail or courthouse for getting that a person out.

On the other hand, the amount will only be repaired to you – once the defendant is acquitted, the case is dismissed or else the person is sentenced. In another case, a person skips a court date, the court is allowed to keep that amount and you’re out a sizeable chunk of cash.

Not Everyone Requires Bail

If a person get arrested does not mean he or she requires a bail bond. There are alternates of being getting liberated on your own recognizance, or walk out of jail for free.

However, there are certain requirements that need to meet for getting released on your own or free. For beginners, who get released on their own recognizance are preferably first-time offenders, who get charged with a minor (non-violent) crime or consider as low flight risks by the jail. However, there are punishments for people who get out on their own recognizance and don’t appear in court –depending on the person who handles the case.

Attending Court Date Isn’t Mediatory

Most of the people think that the only stipulation for making a bond released is; attending the court date. But there are exceptions too. For example, an offender has manifold court dates and he/she has to get enroll in any drug or alcohol education program or may require staying in a certain city or state.

In case of an offender doesn’t meet prerequisites put forth by a bond agency like Bail Hotline, then the person who took out the bond risks must need to have signed collateral provided by the agency.

Collateral Comes In Different Forms

When it about securing a bail bond, it’s significant to make aware of different types of collateral. One of the most common is; A surety bond, or else you pay a premium (usually 10 percent) of a bond.