Electric Scooter Briefing November 29


Motorcycle Market Watch was founded to serve professionals working in the international motorcycle and powered-two-wheel industry.  Its goal is to provide a complete global perspective of markets and marketing, sales data, trends, business management and design for individuals and companies, in English.

As a news source MMW aims to deliver non-editorialized, clear facts and data undiluted by third party opinion, in the form of press releases and wire clippings, but also from original research, interviews, graphic and multimedia communications.  Writers and contributors for MMW news are required to remain anonymous, and refrain from inserting subjective conclusions.

MMW special reports aim to be mini research papers on a wide ranging field of subjects, from trends and design analysis to brand and marketing, to industrial business management.  All Special Reports may be used by third parties as long as credit is given to Motorcycle Market Watch as authors of the original materials.  

MMW editorials are written by a number of industry insiders and professionals with many years experience, with the expressed purpose of posing questions, challenging existing paradigms and dogmas, and entertaining those interested in the international motorcycle industry.  MMW is very proud to host Hell For Leather as our featured editorial column.

Market Watch Intelligence Briefings are a weekly document, emailed to subscribers.  Each briefing contains highlights and an executive summary of the industry news of the previous week, in a PDF format.  Powerpoint™, Keynote™ and other formats are available on request, to premium subscribers.

Motorcycle Market Watch welcomes news tips, suggestions and article ideas, within the context of the powered-two-wheel industry.  

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