Bail Bonds and its Inner Workings

Along these lines, you are sitting in prison and need to go home until the point when your court hearing. What do you do now? How would you approach masterminding safeguard? Who do you call and what should be finished? These are for the most part addresses that must be addressed on the off chance that you expect to post safeguard and potentially go home and hold up until your trial. Ideally, this article will reveal some insight into the safeguard bond process and let you recognize what’s in store on the off chance that you ever end up in this appalling circumstance.


After the capture, the detainee will be taken into booking, get fingerprinted and take mug shots. When this procedure has been finished, courses of action can be made to pay for their discharge. For instance, the cost of discharge at Sterling Heights MI is set at $4,000, you would pay the safeguard bond operators about $400 and whatever different expenses they may charge for their administrations. Click here to learn more about rates in Michigan.

The standard least sum for a conveyance bond is $1,500, and the cost can increment up to $10,000 or all the more relying upon an evaluation of the prisoner’s hazard factors. For flight bonds, the base sum is commonly $500. One vital thing to remember is that it here and there take a year or longer for the administration to restore the security cash to the individual who posted it.


Once the printed material is marked and the expenses are paid, your safeguard will be posted in a matter of a couple of hours. The bailsman will bring the cash to wherever you are being confined and you will be discharged until the point when your court date.

In the event that both the safeguard bondsman and you feel like this is a solid match, at that point you should sign printed material and pay for their administrations.

Safeguard is the money that a litigant pays before he can be discharged from police authority. Not disapproving of the sum, when a respondent pays money, it is considered as a safeguard security.

Since the law does not take an occasion, neither do the bondsmen that are accessible to counsel with people who have been detained. safeguard bonds in Orange County and all through Los Angeles

the courts don’t send abundance seekers after bond violators yet the organization does and the litigant will pay for the cost of chasing and catching him when he is found.

Bail Bonds Process for Drugs

Drug crimes are on rise and the laws are getting stricter day by day. There are items that are termed as drugs including marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine, or cocaine. This is felony and is liable for higher degrees of punishment and thus, the drug possessor might have to spend the life behind the bar till the trail continues.

Found with Drugs in Ohio? What Happens Next?

An individual is slapped with drug possession charges if he/she is found with drugs and is arrested for the same. From this point the situations gets worse and when the authorities start investigating the intent of the individual for holding the possession of drugs.

If you are held with drugs and the amount of drugs found with you high, you have a high chance of getting charges with not only possession but also possession of drugs for sale or even drug trafficking. These charges are enough to put you in the prison cell for years.  There are other charges that the authorities could put on you. The stakes are high as drug crime penalties are very serious.

Drug felonies and crimes are penalized according to the laws of different states of USA. Holding drugs in USA will not only damage your reputation and future but also make you face some of the frightening punishments. The laws and penalties related to drugs in Ohio are perhaps some of the most complicated ones. While other states classify drug related crimes in terms of substances and quantity of such substance, Michigan chooses to use a more complex route.

Even possession of quantity less than 100gms will get you a ticket and will get you charged with a minor misdemeanor. Here is a chart explaining what happens if you hold more.

Amount               Charge Penalty
100-200 grams 4th degree misdemeanor Up to 30 days in jail $250 in fines Up to 30 days in jail $250 in fines
200-1,000 grams 5th degree felony 6 months to 1 year in prison along with fines up to $2,500.
1,000- 5,000 grams 3rd degree felony 1-5 years in prison along with up to $10,000.
5,000- 20,000 grams 3rd degree felony 1-5 years in prison along with up to $10,000.
20,000 grams or more 2nd degree felony 2-8 years with fines up to $15,000.


The trail can go on for years. There are many cases where the defendant had already served years in prison cell before being announced as innocent or being charge. In some cases, the time which a convict had spent behind the bars was even more than the maximum penalty.

Bail Bonds is the Solution

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Even Justin Beiber was arrested for Drugs!


Steps to Find out Someone’s Bail Amount

Check the Website or Call the Courthouse

The county courthouse can provide information about the amount of the bail, as soon as you bestow information of the defendant. Whereas the county courthouse contact details can be easily conceived from government phonebook directory or online through a website. Whereas, the information that is requisite from you can include – Defendant’s name, address, date of birth, and probably a case or inmate number.

In case, an offender has multiple charges, you can take help of County`s Jail Inmate Search form in order to search out the amount requires for each bail bond. However, some of the websites used to maintain links to that inmate search on resources page, so that a person can easily to find the link to the inmate search page.

Contact a Nearby Bail Bondsman

All you need to do is to call a bail bondsman; a bail bondsman can be any person or representative who is rewarded for upholding the guarantee of a bail bond. Mainly, the bail bondsman is a representative who takes guarantee of releasing a prisoner from jail.

Ask a Lawyer

In case of necessity of legal counsel, the courts will hand over the responsibility to attorney who can exactly inform you what your bail amount is. For that also, information of a prisoner such as name and date of birth is required. Once the office staff or attorney comes across the case, the exact amount of the bail is disclosed

County Background Search Page

Another alternative of getting amount information about a prisoner, who has been taken to prison – is by means of the County background online search page. This web page will provide your required information regarding court cases just by adding the name and date of birth of the defendant.

The Bottom Line

For making the process Bail Bonds simple, we are expertise in arranging bail bonds quickly and efficiently for a pace release while helping people to move on with their lives. Our services for bail bondsmen are on call – 24/7 a day. During the hour of grief, we are open to answering your queries that you might have and make the process of bail as fast as possible.

Usually, Local court systems take hours to process paperwork, but our services enable you to leverage the benefit of bailing out your loved one in 30 minutes. To get more information or you have any inquiries regarding bail bond. Give us a call today!

Hiring a Bail Bonds Agent

The intimidating threat of jail time is something which can take place anytime or may never and hence, no one get never prepared for it. No doubt, the lack of preparation is entirely explicable, though it mostly proves to be unfavorable. Even a lot of people don`t know what exactly bail bonds is and hence find it complex to choose an appropriate bail bonds agent.

If your family member or friend of yours is encountering jail time, Hiring a reliable and credible bail bonds agent in Columbus, OH, is significant to ensure the freedom of your friend, family member or even yourself, in case of getting accused. Down below we`ve disclosed three most important factors things that you need to consider while opting out for a bail bonds agent:

Ask for references

While opting out for a bail bonds agent, the best option to go for is – References. References from sources you trust prove to be a lucrative decision than selecting on the basis of website testimonials. Also, you can take help of specific service provider to get a list of references. Because trustworthy and ethical bail bondsman surely has reliable and genuine references. By the help of references, you may get to know which bail bonds agents are ethical and trustworthy, and eventually worth your time.

Reach out to a trusted attorney for referrals.

Fortunately, if you in contact with any criminal attorney, you might find it incredibly easy to get a reliable bail bonds agent, that can help you with your current situation. By working in similar realms, defense attorneys mostly know or have professional relationships with a reliable and well-established bail bondsman. If else, you don’t have any connection with defense attorneys, a family attorney can also help you to find the same or even you can ask for a referral to a reputable bail bonds agent. In addition, asking any attorney for a referral assures you that whatever situation it may be, it will be kept confidential.

Check the Better Business Bureau and the Bondsman License status. 

Last but not the least is the Better Business Bureau, more commonly known as the BBB. It is committed to protecting consumers. Their rankings are usually reliable while searching for a bondsman. As per their previous status of a company, BBB ranks them and reflects data to its potential customers. Verifying a bondsman license is also very important because an unlicensed bondsman is certainly not going to be helpful in future. Make sure about your research while opting out for a bondsman. However, there are a lot of other options out there, so it might sound overwhelming. That`s why it is essential to do a thorough research of each bail bonds agent to discover the best for your case.

Whether it’s a family member, friend or even you, it can be extremely stressful. At the same time, opting out for a bail bonds agent makes it more nerve-racking. For your solution, we are offering a reputable and trustworthy bail bonds agent in Ohio, that can make a difference. You can visit their website at

If you havent read our article on Bail Bonds FAQs, make sure you read that.


Is Bail Money Refunded

Bail is the amount of money that is paid in order to get someone out of jail. The amount is set by a judge and paid to the bondsman. Sometimes the person who calls you to post bail is not someone that you trust. It could be a family member with a criminal record. Although you do not trust them, you still would not want them to stay in jail. So what would you do in this predicament to get them out and safeguard your interests as well? You can first consider the following factors:

The Court Date

If the court date is set to be in a few days, you can post the bail knowing that the person will not have time to escape or engage in any other criminal activities. If they make an attempt, you might have someone looking out for them to stop them. This will ensure that your bail money is not forfeited. In the same breath, you could opt not to post bail because the court case won’t take long. It is likely that the person will be in holding since there will be no need to transfer him or her to a prison.

The Holding Cell

If the person has been arrested in the state, then you can find out about the conditions in the holding cell. If the place is not full and the court date is in a few days, then you do not have to post bail. If, on the other hand, the holding cell is full and unhygienic, you can post bail. You need to consider the other person’s basic needs as well.

The Bail Amount

Whenever you have to post bail for someone, you need to part with some money. If the person who has been arrested directs you to some money they have so that you can pay the bail, you do not have to think about anything. However, if you have to use your own money, you must think about the amount and whether you will get it back. So, what are the two scenarios?

Getting the Money Refunded

You can have all your money back if the person shows up for every court date and adheres to every condition set out by the judge. If you had used a bail agent, you will get the collateral back. However, you cannot recoup the fee paid out to the bail agent for his or her services.

Losing the Money

This is another possibility. It occurs when the person skips out on their court date or even flees and goes out of town. In this case, you can ask for a special provision from the court, to get him/ her back within a set period of time. You can hire a bounty hunter to do this. If you manage to do this, then there is still a chance to recoup your money. If you do not, however, you will lose all the money that you posted as bail. You would lose the collateral that you put up if you used a bail agent as well.